Engine Dyno Testing

Auto Craft is offering comprehensive Engine-dyno testing services. Unlike typical garages or speed shops with Engine dynos, Auto Craft test facility was designed and constructed from the ground up with the goal of providing the most advanced, OEM-quality dynamometer testing services available. As such, it boasts state-of-the-art features you will not find at other less specialized testing facilities, according to all of the media that have seen our engineering center.
  • All tests are performed on a PTX Complete Engine Dyno System operated by our highly trained staff of professional engineers and technicians. The PTX Complete Engine Dyno System for the ultimate in testing accuracy.
  • Testing is entirely computer-controlled, eliminating the possibility of operator error.
  • Fast-acting, in-manifold monitoring equipment provides ultra-precise air/fuel measurements.
  • Test-to-test control of engine and transmission temperatures yields accurate, repeatable results.
  • Every customer receives a detailed personalized report that includes information on crucial engine parameters such as air/fuel ratio, spark advance, and injector pulse width.
  • All horsepower and torque figures are corrected to SAE standards.
  • Various options and test configurations are available to suit a wide range of budgets and performance needs.
  • A color print out will accompany all dyno tests

Dubai Location

Abu Dhabi Location

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